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Why we're partnering with Mobile22

Learn why we're embarking on this next chapter of Green Cab.
October 2, 2020
Green Cab

We're excited for our new partnership with Mobile22!

Mobile22 is a new platform that lets anyone book a taxi ride in every city. Riders can easily book a ride with Mobile22 on their phone or their computer.

In this post, we wanted to get into:

  1. Why we decided to partner with Mobile22, and
  2. What the partnership means for Green Cab customers

Why the partnership?

Our team had been dealing with a major problem for some time:

Our backoffice tools were preventing us from doing our jobs effectively.

Examples of this problem showed up across multiple teams:

  • Our dispatch team often spent several minutes (sometimes more than 20 minutes) during peak dispatch times trying to figure out how to allocate our cabs to our customers. They didn't have an automated way to do this quickly.
  • Our driver team wasted precious time when drivers started and ended their shifts with reconciling payments. As our driver team has grown over the past year, this problem has only grown for us.
  • Our call center team couldn't give immediate fare estimates to customers who booked their rides over the phone. Customers often waited 10+ minutes just to find out how much their ride would cost.

All these delays added up to a lot of inefficiency for our team, and it also meant that we couldn't deliver fast and convenient ride experiences for our riders and our customers.

We also wanted to revamp our mobile and web apps. When we first introduced our 'Ride Green Cab Madison' iOS and Android apps and our online web portal back in 2013, they felt fresh and were welcomed by our riders. Over time, however, we were unable to update them frequently, and the quality of these apps declined.

We thought that with the right solution, we could refresh both our internal and our external software tools, so that we could continue improving the Green Cab rider experience. That’s why we chose to partner with Mobile22.

What we love about Mobile22's platform is that it's a full-scale solution. They have both the internal tools we need as well as beautifully designed mobile and web apps to provide the best booking experience for Green Cab riders.

Finally, our partnership with Mobile22 is a vote for the future we see for the taxi industry. We started in 2010, just as Uber and Lyft started to take off. We've seen the industry go through multiple cycles of change, where drivers have sought more independence and flexibility and riders have sought more affordability and convenience. Mobile22 is bringing an Uber-like experience to taxis, while also enabling taxi providers to operate much more efficiently, and we're proud to be their first provider partner.

What this partnership means for you

First, an infinitely better booking experience. Whether you're booking a ride on the Mobile22 iOS app, the Mobile22 web portal, or over the phone directly with us, you'll be able to book your rides quickly and easily. Both Mobile22's mobile and web apps are such a breeze to use, and they're rolling out new updates and features every single week.

Second, faster pickup times. Instead of waiting for up to 30 minutes for your rides (!!!), we're using Mobile22's dispatch tools to cut down wait times and provide accurate ETAs to you. While this will take some time to fully execute, we're focused on making it happen over the coming months.

Third, an expanding network of taxi providers. When you download the Mobile22 app or register on their web portal, you're not just signing up to book rides with us. You'll also be able to book rides with Mobile22's network of taxi providers, which are growing in the Midwest.

Want to know how to book a ride with us on Mobile22? We've got a post on that right here.

Our partnership with Mobile22 marks a new chapter on the Green Cab journey. We're excited to bring you faster rides with a better booking experience.

We want to hear from you during this new chapter. Tell us what works for you with the changes we're making. Is something confusing or needs clarification from us? We're here to listen to you and help where we can.

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