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Encouraging Community Collaboration Through Local Partnerships

Green Cab has partnered with local businesses and organizations to serve the community and make a positive environmental impact in the Madison area.
March 25, 2021
Katie DuBois
Green Cab and other local businesses are making strides together to keep Madison clean and beautiful.

At Green Cab, we have a mission to serve both our community and the environment, and we’re grateful to live, work, and play in a city that shares our vision. We believe that growth comes not only from achieving your own goals, but also from working together with other local businesses to create symbiotic relationships that further each other’s philanthropic pursuits and contribute to collective success while improving the lives of residents throughout the Madison area.

Members of Dane Buy Local

Large corporations often market themselves on the platform of convenience and affordability, but they fail to take into consideration their harmful effects on independently owned businesses, their employees, and even the environment. Choosing local doesn’t have to be inconvenient and expensive, especially when we work together to improve accessibility to neighborhood offerings and play a role in helping local economies thrive.  

"We all win when you think local first."

As members of Dane Buy Local, a county-wide initiative dedicated to the success of local businesses, we have the opportunity to forge partnerships with other small companies that have a desire to help and serve. The organization’s motto says it best – When we all prioritize supporting each other, we can all reap the benefits of our efforts.

Partnership with Metcalfe’s Market

A Madison staple, Metcalfe’s Market has always been committed to the well-being of our community, and their eco-friendly endeavors are evident even in the very foundation of their business. Metcalfe’s is 100% green-powered, and while this form of energy is not the most affordable option for the company, owner Tim Metcalfe has no doubt it’s worth the financial cost.

Tim knows that by taking such an important step in improving the quality of our air, water, and land, Metcalfe’s is contributing to the health and happiness of area residents and visitors alike. He also emphasizes that Metcalfe’s and other local businesses can help customers minimize their carbon footprint and feel good about the big ways their small steps can have a lasting impact.  

Metcalfe's Market

“There are so many different ways that people can make this world a better place,” said Tim during a Green Cab Facebook live event in March 2021. “You can bring your recyclable bags to Metcalfe’s, and we give you 10 cents back for those, and you can get green energy for your house through MG&E, or you can get a Green Cab and go to the airport.”

Now, you can also have flowers from Metcalfe’s delivered to a special person in your life via Green Cab. Since we partnered with Metcalfe’s to manage their floral delivery services in June 2020, we’ve made more than 1,000 deliveries. But, as Tim said, it’s much more than a nice gesture. “It’s not just the flowers. You’re actually doing good.”

Sponsored by Brat Fest

What do the World’s Largest Brat Fest and Green Cab have in common besides our beautiful hometown? We’re also pretty good friends! While the COVID-19 pandemic brought the event to a halt in 2020, we were proud to be named the sponsored cab company of Brat Fest in 2019. In addition to providing rides for folks who had too much fun to drive, we also helped serve at the festival and brought meals to residents of senior living facilities who couldn’t make it out.  

World's Largest Brat Fest

Brat Fest does more than bring the community together; the organization is also committed to environmental change and is taking steps to minimize waste and carbon emissions. By partnering with MG&E as part of its Green Power and Zero Waste Initiatives, Brat Fest was able to implement green energy at the festival and reduce waste by more than half thanks to composting and recycling efforts.

A Shared Environmental Goal

Just as every individual can make green choices that play a part in a larger goal, businesses and organizations can establish policies and processes that support a more sustainable future. When small businesses work together to raise awareness about environmental issues and make changes within our infrastructures that limit our negative impact on the planet, we can help create a positive ripple effect on company growth, local economy, and the members of our community.  

Green Cab can help you, too! If you need local transportation or delivery solutions for your company, create your business account with us today to get started.